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We drove over after dinner in Kerrville. Through the dark back roads and the deer and the The nice thing about traveling during the Coronavirus outbreak is that nothing is crowded including We had a great time visiting the general store - made a few purchases of course and then headed out back for a beer in the sun listening to some great tunes. A really nice place to drop into.

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Hi Guys i have made a video tutorial on how to pass through an nvidia gpu as the primary or only gpu in the server. This guide is based off hupsters great work on dumping the bios of the gpu. Hope you find it useful. If anyone who has dumped their gpu bios could you please post here so we can get a collection on the site to help others as.

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With ever-increasing pollution levelsespecially felt in the National Capital Region and other metropolitans of India, people have been falling sick, experiencing trouble breathing, headaches, nausea due to high pollution levels. Now, since we can not really control the pollution levels because most of these pollutants released in the air are due to vehicular emissions, construction sites and festivities like Diwali. We still can avoid being harmed by the particulate matter in our air by using air masks.

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It's been an eventful past few months, with the pandemic going on. We've all had to get used to self-isolation, social distancing protocols, and quarantine, which has been really scary …. I hope and believe we will see more X Files. I think if done properly, we can let go of Mulder and Scully and allow their replacement by new well cast protagonists.


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Bookends opens with an acoustic guitar stating a theme, slowly and plaintively. It erupts into the musical dissonance that introduces "Save the Life of My Child. Two people travel the landscape by bus searching for the track's subject, eventually discovering that everyone else on the freeway is too. Its sophisticated harmonic invention is toppled by its message; "America" becomes an ellipsis, a cipher, an unanswerable question.